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Vient de paraître : David A. Johnson, New Delhi : The Last Imperial City, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

Présentation éditeur :

« In New Delhi : The Last Imperial City, Johnson provides an historically rich examination of the intersection of early twentieth-century imperial culture, imperial politics, and imperial economics as reflected in the colonial built environment at New Delhi, a remarkably ambitious imperial capital built by the British between 1911 and 1931. India’s changed political conditions, exacerbated by previous colonial policies like the partition of Bengal, demanded a new approach to an India which was undergoing tremendous political, social, and economic transformations caused by its long interactions with Britain. At this critical moment and as the pre-eminent symbol of British imperial rule in India, New Delhi crucially displayed a double narrative of promised liberation and continued colonial dependence. This message, rich in ambiguity, created tension between a government intent on satisfying Indian demands for political reform with its equally important need to maintain absolute authority. Britain’s last imperial capital in South Asia represented a new model of imperial hegemony based not simply on coercion but on Indian consent to further colonial rule. »

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